Reasons why you should visit Essaouira


Reasons why you should visit Essaouira

Essaouira or Mogador, is a city that will make you fall in love with it before even realizing it. There are lots of reasons that will make you develop that feeling, so in this article, we’re gonna dive into this magical city and tell you the main reasons why Essaouira should be your next destination.


The location:


Essaouira is located on the western coast of Morocco, just a 3 hours (191 Km) drive west  of Marrakech, so even a day trip would be interesting, but guess what? you’re gonna stay more than one day there. 


The history:


Essaouira, or formerly known as Mogador is a town rich in history.It’s a UNESCO World Heritage site built in the 18th century.The name of the city itself comes from the walls, which once surrounded the city centuries ago (They’re still there though). By the 19th century Essaouira was the first seaport in Morocco, opening trade to the rest of the world. 


The weather:


Starting from the weather,  the town is known for its cool and chilly weather even in Summer, and for sure known as the windy city of Africa, that is why it’s a favorite spot for kite-surfing lovers. The perfect time to visit Essaouira would be from April to June as it somehow gets less windy, warmer and sunny.


We stated some facts and general information about this wonderful city , so now let’s get to the real business.


The chill and relaxed vibe:


Unlike most of  the bigger cities in Morocco, the pace of life is more relaxed, you take your time doing everything. The city is one of the smallest in the country so you don’t really need to be specifically somewhere to feel the vibe, also people there are used to that relaxed pace so they are calmer and known for their kindness, so you can just walk around and no one will bother you.


The medina:


It’s first of all where you will stay, as all the hotels and Riads are situated there, they’re somehow different, stylish and colorful, some are in the heart of the medina while others are sea view hotels. you can walk around for hours in the small alleys of the medina which is not hard to navigate, and enjoy the colors and the unique different doors of hotels, Riads and houses. 

There are two parts of the medina: the first market  or souk where you can do some shopping and buy different kinds of products like bags, shoes, clothes (modern and traditional ones), scarfs, handmade accessories and decorations, the other side of the market is where the locals buy groceries, and shop for there daily life, moreover, you will find cooperatives of Argan oil (which is a kind of oil that exist ONLY in a specific area of Morocco and nowhere else in the whole world), the cooperatives sell Argan oil based cosmetic products and Amlou (which is a mix of Argan Oil and almonds, it’s really tasty).

Essaouira is also a perfect city for Art lovers because it is also known for its Bohemian style, and artsy culture, you will find different art galleries too where you can only look around or even buy a piece of art.


The Port of Essaouira:


Located southwest of the medina right next to the city's Sqala, the fishing port is one of Essaouira's main attractions, your stay probably can't be complete without a visit to this lively place. Fishermen coming in and out of the port, people buying their fresh fish, you can even cook them on the spot, seagulls fill the sky and make loud noises looking for fish droppings. There is also a rudimentary shipyard where boats are built for later use in fishing.


Sqala de Kasbah or CityWalls: The protector of Essaouira


   An artillery platform from the 18ᵉ century and one of the main fortifications of Essaouira. These ramparts were erected to protect the city from foreign invasions.

  Built of carved stone, it runs along the Atlantic Ocean and extends for about 100 meters. An emblematic monument that takes you back to another time. 

   The beautiful view of the sea and the port of Essaouira as well as the freshness and strength of the wind that blows makes the experience fascinating and enjoyable.




You can arrange Camel or Horse rides along the beach and enjoy the fresh air, other activities are available such as Quad rides and Kite surfing especially in Diabat, we recommend it during the months of July and August because the wind is stronger during this period of the year.


Essaouira is a different kind of moroccan town, a city you hear people fall in love with but you don’t know why, until you get there and realize yourself why.People go there for two or three days but end up staying much longer.

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