The Best Restaurants in Marrakech for an exceptional Dinner

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The Best Restaurants in Marrakech for an exceptional Dinner

If you’re looking for a restaurant to spend a great evening, you’re in the right spot.

Marrakech is a city where you can find all the different kinds of Restaurants you can imagine, a diversity of cuisines, Moroccan and International, amazing shows with singers, bands, elegant dancers, DJs… 

A festive atmosphere until the end of the night to spend an unforgettable evening.


Here’s a List of Restaurants you can book for a diner with fun.


Buddha Bar Marrakech:


Starting with Buddha Bar, the restaurant is present in Paris, London, Beirut, Dubai, Sao Paulo and Kiev. So adding Marrakech to its endless list of locations was bound to happen sooner or later. The restaurant has become one of the most popular in Marrakech and in Morocco too, a piece of art, an exclusive and luxurious spot and an emmervice experience.

 Its opening has created a great opportunity to rediscover an exclusive place still as unique in the decoration and in the plate. and which proposes a clubbing mood with especially the Buddha Show.

In a superb modern framework influenced by the asiatic culture, the restaurant offers mainly very good Asian cuisine, with a combination of the east and the west, as well as very good cocktails.


Comptoir Darna:


A perfect choice for an exceptional night out. Comptoir Darna is situated in the new town of Marrakech. It’s an exclusive restaurant where you want to come to experience the perfect mix of occidental & oriental cultures. Because while you are sipping your wine, you will be surprised with the oriental live show. The belly dances and typical music turn this performance into a true once in a lifetime-experience.

The menu offers traditional Moroccan dishes as well as others that are inspired by international cuisine.


Palais Dar Soukkar:


One of the most essential and most famous places in Marrakech also, it gives you a royalty vibe, as the entrance looks like a gate that guides to a palace’s ballroom, the royal atmosphere and the festive nights, everything about it is charming and dreamy.

The restaurant specializes in French and Mediterranean cuisines. The cooks at Palais Dar Soukkar do their best to give visitors a delectable parfait. The mix of traditional Moroccan music, music bands and dancers add spice to the already lively place.


Nouba Marrakech:


One of the newest Restaurants in Marrakech with a modern décor and a casual atmosphere that allows the guests to relax.

A perfect central location with a new urban jungle atmosphere of the terrace. A place decorated with the natural plants with a pond in the center where you find the stage, the organization of the place and the site of the stage make everything visible for everyone in the terrasse. 

The restaurant offers an amazing fusion cuisine, with the combination of Asian flavors with Peruvian influences, with unique dessert tastes. 

The show is a mix of Oriental and samba dance performances, contemporary dance performance, and a singer who adds that concert-like vibe to the show.


Lotus Club:


Open since 2009, the Lotus Club Marrakech is a must for the parties of the red city. Located right in the heart of the Hivernage district, it is situated in a 1930s villa. Chic and prestigious, the Lotus Club offers a large menu based on international, Moroccan and Asian cuisine.

Evenings are always very festive at Lotus Club Marrakech.A show with dancers performing different genres of dances with the famous "Revue Oh la la” , and a DJ to be the perfect way to end an evening.


Maybe choosing a restaurant for dinner is the hardest decision you can make. We gave you a small list of the best and most famous ones in Marrakech to make things easier for you. So choose the vibe that suits your taste and mood and go for it.

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