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Created in 2000, this PACMA center-school approved by the French Parachuting Federation, provides several thousand jumps per season, and organizes regular international competitionsthanks to its partnerships with schools and certified foreign instructors. 
Its dropzone is ideally located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains 195 km from Marrakech in the region of the city of Beni-Mellal, it offers a space free from all air traffic for maximum enjoyment.

The parachuting service includes a jump from an altitude of 4,000 meters and a buffet breakfast under a caidal tent on the edge of the track in a relaxed atmosphere at the foot of the Atlas. A day in the great outdoors!

All jumpers must have a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of free fall issued by their attending physician or do it on site at the school doctor.
This activity can be booked between December 01 and April 15 of each year, reservations outside of these dates are not accepted!

All the services included in this product are mentioned below:

  • Welcome by PACMA staff
  • Briefing on the procedure of the activity and security measures
  • A jump for licensed paratroopers without equipment
  • Flight to reach 4000 meters of altitude
  • Free fall of 60 seconds and opening of the parachutes at an altitude of 1500 meters
  • Assistance and supervision by PACMA staff

Below are the pricing tables of all the services proposed in this product:

Price per adults

1 Person
34,00 €
2 Persons
34,00 €
3 Persons
34,00 €
4 Persons
34,00 €
5 Persons
34,00 €
6 Persons
34,00 €
7 Persons and more
34,00 €

Children's conditions

Children free
Children free with "Shared tour"
Discount per child
Discount after 7 pers.

*They are not applied on children if they benefit from a reduced rate.
*They are not applied on accommodation.

Guides rates

Vehicle rates

Hyundai H1 or equiv. ( 6 p ) +190.00 €
Toyota Prado TX or equiv. ( 5 p ) +225.00 €
Mercedes Vito or equiv. ( 6 p ) +240.00 €
Fiat Ducato or equiv. ( 14 p ) +325.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter or equiv. ( 17 p ) +350.00 €

Below are the hotels included in each destination by category, in the case of unavailability of one of the hotels mentioned in the program, MY MARRAKECH TOURS undertakes to offer you hotels similar or superior to the chosen category.


Parachuting equipment

Option valid for licensed parachutists! This option includes all the material necessary to make a parachute jump + the cost of folding the parachute. *Please specify the number of people for whom you want the material.

Medical certificate

All jumpers must have a medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of free fall issued by their attending physician. Otherwise, you can proceed to a medical visit with the PACMA doctor on site. *Please indicate how many people require a medical examination.

The tandem jump

The tandem jump consists of jumping securely attached to an experienced monitor. This allows you to quickly discover the extreme pleasures of free fall! The jump begins at an altitude of 4,000 meters, for a free fall of about one minute, before the parachute opens at an altitude of 1,500 m. All the necessary material is included.

Discovery jump

The discovery pack is a direct entry into the world of free fall! You will jump with your own parachute and 2 experienced instructors from a height of 4000 meters for an opening of the parachute at 1500 m altitude. You will receive a detailed ground briefing before your jump and will be guided by radio during the flight. All the necessary material is included.

Training pack

Training pack is a training program that will allow you to jump alone. The student jumps in free fall from the first jump, from 4000 meters in height, accompanied by two instructors who monitor and correct his position during the fall. The next 5 jumps are done with a single instructor who perfects the fall technique and exercises the student. You need at least six jumps to be able to jump alone, all the necessary equipment is included.

Video of the jump

We suggest you film your free jump from the plane until the moment you arrive on land with the main stages that precede it. Price per jump.



If you require help, information or have any question don't hesitate to to contact us


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