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If you are looking to establish a first contact with the Marrakech city and its oriental culture, or you are looking to discover the main districts that make up Marrakech, or you are looking to orient yourself in relation to your hotel to move freely throughout your stay, this tour is designed for you!

The city of Marrakech is made up of two main parts, the old part which is called the medina, it is surrounded by 19 km of ramparts which reach 8 m in height, it is the beating heart of Marrakech.
The second part is all the part built outside the ramparts, it is made up of three main districts: Guéliz, the commercial district where all the large modern shops are located in Marrakech. L’Hivernage is the tourist district, it knows a movement every evening until dawn thanks to the large tourist establishments that are established there. Then the Palmeraie, is an elegant district where the resorts, villas and golf courses the most luxurious in the city.

During this panoramic tour, you will take our customers to discover all these neighborhoods by developing many topics, on the history of the city, its culture, its customs, useful information about the destination and information that will facilitate your movements.

The visit will end in the medina where you will carry out an immersion in the famous place of Jamaa el Fna with the guide through its various stands.

Ps: This visit can be done at any time of the day but we recommend the end of the afternoon so that customer s can watch the sunset from the panoramic terrace, which dominates the square where customers will enjoy a tea mint.

All the services included in this product are mentioned below:

  • Panoramic tour of Marrakech (Gueliz, Hivernage, Palmeraie and the medina)
  • Tourist bus available during the panoramic tour
  • Immersion in the Jamaa el Fna square
  • Pick up from the hotel or the nearest place if you are staying in a riad
  • If the visit is private, the client can choose the time that suits him to carry out the visit
  • The guide is not included, please select the guide depend on your language in the booking bar
  • The tea break in the panoramic terrace at Jamaa el Fna is not included, you can include it from the booking bar

Below are the pricing tables of all the services proposed in this product:

Price per adults

1 Person
50,00 €
2 Persons
30,00 €
3 Persons
25,00 €
4 Persons
20,00 €
5 Persons
19,00 €
6 Persons
18,00 €
7 Persons and more
16,00 €

Children's conditions

Children free
Children free with "Shared tour"
Discount per child
Discount after 7 pers.

*They are not applied on children if they benefit from a reduced rate.
*They are not applied on accommodation.

"Shared Tour" option Table

1 Person
2 Persons
3 Persons
4 Persons
5 Persons
6 Persons
7 Persons and more

Children policy 45 Days

Guides rates

Guide EN50.00 €
Guide FR50.00 €
Guide ES50.00 €
Guide IT50.00 €
Guide GR75.00 €
Guide PO50.00 €

Vehicle rates

Suppl. - Mercedes Vito or equiv. ( 6 p ) +36.00 €

Below are the hotels included in each destination by category, in the case of unavailability of one of the hotels mentioned in the program, MY MARRAKECH TOURS undertakes to offer you hotels similar or superior to the chosen category.

Tea break at Jamea el Fna

At the end of the visit, we suggest you to savor a mint tea or a cold drink in one of the terraces of the Place Jamea el Fna which allows a panoramic view of the whole place.

Dromedary ride

During the panoramic visit, you make a stop in the Palmeraie where we propose a 15-minute dromedary ride between the palm trees to live the nomadic experience.
Specify the number of people who wish to take the ride.

Panoramic carriage ride

Instead of the tourist vehicle, we propose you the panoramic tour in horse-drawn carriages at no additional cost. Carriages were a means of transport in the city of Marrakech, today are dedicated for panoramic tours of the city.
The capacity of the carriage is 5 people, the visit to the Palmeraie is not included.


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