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In the depths of the Atlantic

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On the Atlantic coast, 2.5 hours drive west of Marrakech we suggest you do a 20-minute diving session that will lead you to the discovery of oceanic landscapes and historical discovery at the bottom of the sea. 

The maritime region of Safi hides a rich heritage that we propose you to discover during this dive: commercial boats, war boats with their cannons... but the most astonishing is the city of Tighalin that several archaeologists estimate that it is indeed from the lost city of Atlanti.

- For beginners in diving who are over 8 years old, the baptism will be your first initiation. It will allow you to discover the region's underwater environment in all serenity and safety in the 0-6 meter zone. You will be individually accompanied underwater by a patented instructor for about twenty minutes.

- If you have a level 1 certificate, you will be able to operate in the space between 10 and 20 meters with a federal instructor.

- If you have a level 2 certificate, you will be able to operate in the space between 20 and 40 meters with a federal instructor.

The dive includes all the necessary equipment, assistance and a zodiac available during the dive.
In case that the weather conditions are not good on the day of the service, we will offer you a trip in the sea by boat or in a traditional boat or an underwater hike (Snorkeling).

All the services included in this product are mentioned below:

  • Welcome by the diving association staff
  • Briefing on the procedure of the activity and security measures
  • Wearing wetsuits and preparing equipment
  • 20 min dive to a depth that can reach 40 meters (see description)
  • Zodiac available during the dive
  • Assistance and supervision by the diving association staff

Below are the pricing tables of all the services proposed in this product:

Price per adults

1 Person
72,00 €
2 Persons
72,00 €
3 Persons
60,00 €
4 Persons
60,00 €
5 Persons
60,00 €
6 Persons
60,00 €
7 Persons and more
60,00 €

Children's conditions

Children free
Children free with "Shared tour"
Discount per child
Discount after 7 pers.

*They are not applied on children if they benefit from a reduced rate.
*They are not applied on accommodation.

Guides rates

Vehicle rates

Hyundai H1 or equiv. ( 6 p ) +190.00 €
Toyota Prado TX or equiv. ( 5 p ) +225.00 €
Mercedes Vito or equiv. ( 6 p ) +240.00 €
Fiat Ducato or equiv. ( 14 p ) +325.00 €
Mercedes Sprinter or equiv. ( 17 p ) +350.00 €

Below are the hotels included in each destination by category, in the case of unavailability of one of the hotels mentioned in the program, MY MARRAKECH TOURS undertakes to offer you hotels similar or superior to the chosen category.


Double the session

Choose this option to be able to do another diving session of 20 minutes.



If you require help, information or have any question don't hesitate to to contact us


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