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Below our conditions and policies for sales and reservations, disputes and reimbursement, our team is at your disposal for any further information, they will advise and assist you in making your reservations and during your stay in Morocco, do not hesitate to contact us!

Terms and conditions

Terms of Sales:
These conditions of sale aim to define the contractual relations between MY MARRAKECH TOURS and the client and the conditions applicable to any purchase made through the our platform. The acquisition of a service through this platform implies unreserved acceptance by the client of these conditions of sale, which the buyer acknowledges having read before placing his order.
Before any transaction, the client declares on the one hand that the purchase of a service on the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform has no direct connection with his professional activity, it is limited to strictly personal use and on the other hand to have full legal capacity which allows him to commit himself under these general conditions of sale.
The company NO LIMITS TRAVEL DMC, parent company of the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform, retains the possibility of modifying these conditions of sale at any time, in order to comply with any new regulations or in order to improve the use of its platform. Therefore, the applicable conditions will be those in effect on the date of the order by the buyer.

Limits of Liability:
- All users are responsible for the use of MY MARRAKECH TOURS and its affiliated sites, they undertake to provide accurate information. In case of an error, he must modify his data 24 hours before the date of the service. MY MARRAKECH TOURS cannot be held responsible for any failure due to incorrect information transmitted by the client.
- Each client is required to inform themselves of the physical possibilities for sports products and activities that require physical effort. The information presented on the platform to describe the details of an products are provided for information only and the photos are not contractual.
- Any service abandoned or no-show at the place on the date and time indicated on the Voucher will be considered as consumed and will not give rise to any refund.
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS can not be held responsible in case of any cancellation or modification of activities by service providers. This situation is very rare but in this case we offer similar activities as alternatives or a full refund.
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage, foreseeable or not, resulting from a failure of the supplier ensuring the realization of the reserved service of a cause beyond its will or its control (weather conditions , breakdowns, strikes ...).

Special conditions

- Several services have different meeting places, these meeting places will be mentioned on the Voucher of each reservation, but they also appear on the sheet of each product on our MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform with its GPS location. Our clients can contact our support team to help them locate these places which are well known and the most-visited places. Any client who does not show up in the place mentioned in his Voucher, his reservation will be considered as a no-show and no refund will be made.
- If the service reserved is a collective service "Shared tour" or with a "Next departure" date, this generally involves the participation of several people, any delay of more than 5 minutes will be considered as a no-show so as not to disturb the reservation program and no refund will be made.
- Certain activities of a sporting nature (4x4 type, quad, buggy, zip line, dromadary, wake board etc.) may present risks of injury or accident, each client who books this type of activity must ensure that he presents physical conditions adapted to the type of activity chosen, he must declare that he is fully aware of these risks and demonstrate compliance with the safety standards adopted by our teams or our service providers.
- In case that MY MARRAKECH TOURS is required to reverse the order of the program and / or to modify certain services following a force majeure or resulting from a failure of the supplier ensuring the performance of the reserved service, to a cause beyond its will or his control (weather conditions, breakdowns, strikes, etc.), MY MARRAKECH TOURS undertakes to implement all means to maintain the program and the reserved services as well as possible and to offer the client equivalent or compensatory benefits. The client may not then claim any compensation other than the reimbursement of services that may not be replaced or the reimbursement of the price difference if the cost of these turns out to be lower than the services initially planned.
- Force majeure means any event external to the parties which prevents either the client, the participants, or MY MARRAKECH TOURS or the service providers involved in the performance of the reserved service, from performing some or all of the obligations provided for.
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS undertakes to use all means to ensure the smooth running of the service. In the event of a breach for reasons beyond its control (civil / religious holidays, cultural / civil events, strikes, bad weather, political events, war / civil war ...) and / or any incident, delay or other facts due to a third party, or the client himself, MY MARRAKECH TOURS could not be held responsible.
- Each of the parties bears the cost of all the costs incumbent upon it and which result from the case of force majeure. Consequently, the client alone will bear the additional costs that could be incurred to effect the reimbursement or the modification of the date of the service if this incurs additional costs.

Company guarantees

Responsibilities of the company:
- Competitive rates;
- Courteous welcome;
- Impeccable quality of services;
- Official guides with great knowledge, clean, courteous and presentable;
- Punctuality: set up a quarter of an hour before the agreed time (if there is no pickup);
- A welcoming staff offering indisputable service and competence;
- Honor all the services included in each product reserved;
- Vehicles in an irreproachable state of cleanliness;
- Drivers trained in calm and safe driving in all situations. They are obliged to comply with road regulations. When the journey is long, the driver must rest during the journey. Likewise, before his departure and after dropping you off at your destination, he may be required to take a night's rest, the hotel night and meal costs are not billed;
- Insurance for drivers and passengers in accordance with Moroccan regulations. A copy is made available to clients upon request;
- Support throughout your stay in Marrakech and Morocco;
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS refrains from assisting in any business or action contrary to morality or good morals;
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS is prohibited from denigrating a competitor to clients for commercial purposes.

Data security:
The information collected by MY MARRAKECH TOURS is necessary to enable the performance of the services offered and for the use of certain services. MY MARRAKECH TOURS undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the information provided by the client, and advises him that this information will be stored in a computerized database and will be intended in whole or in part for MY MARRAKECH TOURS and the parent company NO LIMITS TRAVEL DMC.
Any information concerning the client is subject to the provisions of law n ° 09-08 of the CNDP. As such, the client has the right to access, to modify and to delete information concerning him from his client account on the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform.

About client

Client Responsibilities:
- The client must respect the schedule of the service mentioned on his Voucher and the schedules agreed with our drivers or guides when carrying out the reserved service;
- The client must respect the meeting place mentioned on his Voucher;
- The client must not bother with the progress of programs organized on a collective basis
- The client agrees to maintain a correct attitude, not to consume narcotics and not to get drunk;
- The client must demonstrate an educated and responsible behavior, any disrespect for our staff can cause the cancellation of the service reserved in progress and all future services;
- The client must strictly comply with the security measures established for each sporting activity dictated by our service suppliers or our staff;
- It is strictly forbidden to smoke in our vehicles;
- The contribution of food, drink or animals is not accepted in our vehicles except with prior agreement;
- The luggage transported is proportional to the volume of the luggage compartment of the vehicle. this baggage is the responsibility of the client;
- We are not responsible for items left in our vehicles or elsewhere during the service so the client must ensure that he has not forgotten anything before leaving the vehicle.

Property rights:
All users of the platform acknowledge that the information and visuals contained therein are indicative and are the property of MY MARRAKECH TOURS or his partners. Reproduction or storage of the contents of MY MARRAKECH TOURS in any form whatsoever, is prohibited and subject to Moroccan law.

Reservations and prices

Booking conditions:
Reservations can be made every day up to less than 24 hours before the service depending on the nature of the product in question, they can amount to 72 hours or more for certain products. For the reservation to be taken into account, it must be made through an existing client account in the database of the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform and to register, an account opening form must be duly completed. with the first and last names, address, telephone and e-mail... Each client is responsible for the information communicated at the time of registration and MY MARRAKECH TOURS is not responsible for the problems caused by the communication of incorrect information .
After validation of the payment, a confirmation e-mail with the Voucher for each service reserved will be sent to the client within 24 hours. Likewise, a message with the Voucher for each service will be sent to the client's inbox in their account on the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform, this Voucher represents both a summary of the reservation with the precise time and place of appointment and the remainder to be paid if it exists.

Depending on the type of activity chosen, prices can be indicated per person, per group or per service. Prices are subject to change without notice and only become final after receipt of confirmation.
Payment is made in the reference currency indicated on the platform, namely in Euro and / or US Dollar and / or MAD (Moroccan Dirham) except in the case of choosing the CMI solution as a means of payment.
The CMI only supports MAD as a currency. If the total amount of a reservation is in another currency, at the time of payment this amount will be converted into MAD and payment will therefore be made in MAD according to the daily exchange rate applied by the bank. The conversion from Euro or US Dollar to MAD in the CMI payment page is done according to the MAD rates of the same reserved products (see more details in the payment terms above).

Add beneficiary:
All products existing on MY MARRAKECH TOURS can be offered as gifts or can be reserved in the names of people who have not made the reservation. To do this, you must complete the "Add beneficiary" form before adding it to the "Cart" or before paying for the order. This form can be found on the page of each product in the reservation bar.
After confirmation of the reservation and at any time the client can change the name of the beneficiary from their client account or he can contact our reservation team to request this change.

The services offered by MY MARRAKECH TOURS and its affiliated sites are subject to the availability of its service providers. No claim or compensation can be made in case that the chosen service is not available. Any reservation will not be considered effective until the client receives the confirmation e-mail sent by MY MARRAKECH TOURS within 48 hours.

Children policy

Children benefit from special conditions depending on the product booked, which are:
- A 10% reduction up to 70% on the full price paid by adults,
- A 10% reduction up to 70% calculated after 7 people paying the full price.
- Free for the first children (up to the first 3 children),

A product may have only one condition of the above or all three at the same time, also other products can not have any discounts for children like most products in the Activities category.


- At the end of a reservation and its confirmation, a nominative Voucher will be sent for each service reserved in the client account messaging on the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform and on the e-mail address communicated by the client when opening their account on the same platform.
- An order from a client will only be definitively confirmed upon receipt of the Voucher.
- The client must imperatively present his printed voucher or show it on his mobile phone to the representatives of MY MARRAKECH TOURS and / or its service providers. Each Voucher carries a bar code which must be scanned to validate before making any reservation.
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS cannot be held responsible for non-presentation of the Voucher to its representatives and service providers.
- The client will be able to find all of his reservations and Vouchers on his client account on the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform.
- On each Voucher, a summary of the relevant reservation with the exact time and meeting place that each client is obliged to respect in order to be able to honor and make his reservation.

Discounts and coupons

Products with discounts:
MY MARRAKECH TOURS offers its clients several products with special prices, as a promotional products and others as a Flash Sales.
Promotions: are products offered with specific discounts according to each product, they are applied over the entire period of availability of the product in question which extends over 24 months from the outstanding date.
Flash Sales: are products with very significant reductions over specific periods of the year. Flash Sale products are displayed on MY MARRAKECH TOURS in the form of promotions based on a countdown lasting 24 hours or more.

To ensure the best prices for groups and individuals and in addition to Promotions and Flash Sales that can be apply on each product, MY MARRAKECH TOURS offers its clients attractive discounts which are automatically deducted from the total amount when booking, these discounts vary between 1.5%, 2% and 3% depending on the total  amount of the reservation and which are as follows:
Discount of 1.5% on an amount of more than 650 euros / 780 Usd / 7 200 Mad.
Discount of 2%  on an amount of more than 1 250 euros / 1 490 Usd / 13 900 Mad.
Discount of 3% on an amount of more than 1 900 euros / 2 300 Usd / 21 200 Mad.
These discounts apply after deduction of the coupon code from the reservation amount. 

Shared tour:
It's an option available in several products in the categories: Visits, Excursions, Circuits and Trekking, it allows you to benefit from significant discounts depending on the product and the number of people and which can reach 65% of discount. By choosing this option, the reserved product will be produced collectively with other MY MARRAKECH TOURS clients (see CONDITIONS FOR SPECIAL PRODUCTS).

MY MARRAKECH TOURS offers its clients coupons that can be won by making multiple reservations, or by winning seasonal raffles or collecting them from the website during specific periods.

Payment terms

- Payment occurs when the reservation is finalized, MY MARRAKECH TOURS offers three payment solutions either by credit card through the CMI solution (Le Center Monétique Interbancaires), or by Paypal (both through our platform) or by bank transfer. No additional charge is applied to the three solutions*.
- We offer a flexible method to pay for orders, 30% at the time of booking paid either by credit card, bank transfer or Paypal and the rest on site before the day of the first service or the same day of its realization.
- The credit cards accepted by the CMI solution are: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, CMI, Diners Club and Discover.
- *If the client opts for payment by his bank card through CMI, the payment will be made in MAD (Moroccan Dirham), a small banking difference (either less or more) may be applied depending on the exchange rate of the day. The payment will be indicated on the bank card statement under the name NO LIMITS TRAVEL DMC.
- If the client opts to pay 30% of his invoice, the client must pay the entire remainder of his invoice before the date of the first reserved service. In case of non-payment of the remainder of the invoice as later on the day of the first service reserved (of his order), the all order will be considered canceled and no refund will be made.
- Upon validation of payment, the client receives an e-mail confirming his reservation mentioning the services reserved and the total amount of his invoice.
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS is subject to an approved payment system and 100% secured by SSL protocol.
- MY MARRAKECH TOURS disclaims any liability that may arise from a data transmission fault.
- In case of a suspicious reservation or credit card, MY MARRAKECH TOURS reserves the right to ask the client for identity documents to confirm their reservation.
- In case of fraudulent use of the bank card, the client may demand the cancellation of the payment, the sums paid will then be credited or returned. The responsibility of the holder of a bank card is not engaged if the disputed payment has been proven fraudulently remotely without physical use of his card. To obtain reimbursement of the fraudulent debit, the cardholder must contest in writing the debit with his bank, any bank charges may affect the operation.

Modifications and cancellations

Before confirmation of the reservation:
You can freely modify or / and delete all products from your "Cart".

After confirmation of the reservation:
Modification and cancellation conditions apply to reserved products according to their completion dates and their nature (standard products or with special conditions), are as follows:
- Modification of the date: You can modify the date of the service free of charge up to 7 days before its completion date.
In case if the product is booked with the "Shared tour" option or if it is a product with a fixed departure date "Next departure", it is possible to modify its date of completion only once and for 21 days. before its initial date.

- Modification of the number of participants: You can modify the number of participants free of charge up to 7 days before the date of the service, depending on the possibility and availability of the service. A price adjustment may be necessary if it turns out that the price is different depending on the number of people (supplement or reimbursement), see the "Prices" section on the page of the product concerned.

- Modification or cancellation of the service: You have the possibility of modifying or canceling the service free of charge up to 7 days before the date of its realization.
If the product is booked with the "Shared tour" option or a product with a fixed departure date "Next departure", the cancellation may incur costs according to the scale below:
     - Free cancellation up to 22 days before the date of the service.
     - 30% of the cancellation fees will be invoiced from 21 to 16 days before the start of the service.
     - 60% of the cancellation fees will be invoiced from 15 to 8 days before the start of the service.
     - 100% of the cancellation fees will be invoiced if the start date of the service is equal to or less than 7 days.
     - In the event of a cancellation due to force majeure recognized by the Moroccan state, an immediate refund of the entire reservation will be made.

- Any cancellation respecting the deadlines will be subject to an immediate refund. For some countries a refund transaction fee may apply.
- To modify or cancel a reservation, log into your client account then go to the “Orders” section in your client account, you can then apply the modification to the product in question or cancel it.

Complaints and disputes

Any complaints must be formulated and sent to our head office within eight days of the completion of your service in question, they must be sent by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the following address: (... ...). After this eight-day period, they cannot be taken into account.
In case of professional misconduct, we will reimburse the full amount paid directly to the client's bank account.
Delays are not considered serious misconduct and are not taken into consideration when they don't influence the general course of the service booked.

These distance selling conditions are subject to Moroccan law. For all disputes or litigation, the competent court will be that of Marrakech where the head office of MY MARRAKECH TOURS represented by its parent company NO LIMITS TRAVEL DMC.

Conditions for special products

Shared tour:
All categories: tours, excursions, hikes and circuits are offered in private mode, but at the same time we offer the possibility of sharing the service with other people if one of our clients does not wish to do it privately.
The "Shared tour" option offers significant discounts on the initial prices of the products, discounts which can sometimes exceed 65% reduction. It is available in the majority of products that are part of the categories mentioned above, provided that the period between the date of reservation and the desired date of completion of the service is 30 days for certain products, 45 or 60 days for others products.
To find out if a product offers this option to benefit from it, it is first necessary to select in the page of the product in question the date of realization desired by the client, then a box in the name of "Shared Tour" will be displayed with the proposed discount, if nothing is displayed, it means that the product in question does not offer this option.
The "Shared Tour" box will be displayed with the discount offered in the reservation bar below the date selected and the discount offered varies according to the number of people.
Once this option is chosen, the reservation in question will be open for collective sale to MY MARRAKECH TOURS clients and will be subject to special modification and cancellation conditions, see page "Modification and cancellation conditions".

Next departures:
Are products put on collective sale in favor of MY MARRAKECH TOURS clients with special rates and fixed departure dates. They are subject to the normal modification and cancellation conditions of the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform, see "Modification and cancellation conditions".

Are programs made up of a set of products, they are designed for people who wish to book pre-defined stays based on visits, activities and excursions grouped together according to a specific theme at a preferential rate.
All the programs are based on 2 days of activities and all have the possibility to add more products (between the products offered) and to extend the program to reach up to 4 days or more.
They are subject to the normal modification and cancellation conditions of the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform, see "Modification and cancellation conditions".

Restaurants conditions

Individual conditions:
- No prepayment is required to make a reservation at the restaurant choiced by the client. Consumption is à la carte and the client pays directly at the restaurant on site, no costs are added to their restaurant bill. MY MARRAKECH TOURS is only responsible for reserving the table for him on his name, on the day and at the time desired by the client and according to the opening hours of the restaurant concerned.
- In case that the client cannot present to the reserved restaurant, he have to cancel it reservation, this can be done from his confirmation email (sent by MY MARRAKECH TOURS) or contact the booking service.
- A reservation can be made the same day it is made.

Group conditions:
- Offers the possibility of reserving a full menu of 3 or more courses for the whole group at a special rate,
- Several menu choices will be communicated to the client taking into consideration of allergic and vegetarian cases,
- Privatization of a lounge or a space for the whole group if possible, otherwise MY MARAKECH TOURS will guarantee the regrouping of all the members of the group in tables side by side.
- Attentive and personalized service from the restaurant staff with assistance from MY MARRAKECH TOURS staff,
- A 50% prepayment is required to confirm the reservation,
These conditions are applicable only to groups of 20 people or more and their reservation dates are 7 (working) days later than the date of the request,
The processing and management of reservation requests are done by e-mail with the client, they are not managed by the MY MARRAKECH TOURS platform. If confirmed, the restaurant reservation is added to the client account, he can benefit from the benefits that offer and the recoverable commission.

Car rental conditions

When taking charge of the vehicle, the main driver taken in his capacity as Tenant must present a valid driving license. The driver's license must be Moroccan, European or international and must have at least one year of validity.
The minimum age of the primary driver for rental is 23 years old.
If the main driver's license has less than one year of seniority, a supplement of MAD 360 including tax per rental will be applied.
Only the main driver is authorized to drive the vehicle. To mention an additional driver on the support contract, a supplement of 300 MAD TTC will be applied per rental and per additional driver.
Material damage caused to the vehicle by an unauthorized driver remains entirely the responsibility of the Tenant.

A deposit by credit card (CB, VISA, EUROCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS) will be requested from the Tenant when picking up the vehicle. This must imperatively be in the name and first name of the Tenant.
Visa debit, electron and maestro type cards are not accepted for the security deposit. The amount of the security deposit is equal to that of the incompressible franchise.
For the purposes of the rental of the vehicle, our service provider presented by his car rental company, taken in his capacity as Lessor, will proceed to the Renter's bank, which the latter has appointed, to a request for pre-authorization of the amount of the deposit useful for the duration of the rental of the reserved vehicle.
In the event of refusal by the bank to proceed with this pre-authorization, the reservation for the rental of the vehicle will be canceled and the Tenant refunded the amount of the prepaid reservation less the cancellation / no-show fees (see the MODIFICATION AND / OR CANCELLATION section at the bottom).

• Oil, maintenance and on-board documents.
• The provision of the vehicle.
• Unlimited mileage.
• Unlimited third party liability and accident insurance caused to third parties.

• The incompressible franchise or the franchise in case of theft of the vehicle (see the section INSURANCE AND ADDITIONAL PROTECTION).
• Fuel: vehicles must be returned with the same level of fuel as on departure. Otherwise, the missing fuel will be invoiced at the public price in addition to the filling costs to the height of 240 MAD including tax (see the GENERAL CONDITIONS section).
• Delivery costs for duplicate keys (in case of deterioration, loss or theft): 240 MAD including tax. In the case of lost keys initially given will result in the forfeiture of the theft guarantee.
• All vehicles are equipped with a fluorescent vest and a warning triangle, if the safety kit is returned incomplete or if it is lost, a penalty of 360 MAD including tax will be charged to the Tenant.

Delivery is available and free in the urban area of the city of Marrakech.
For delivery to Marrakech airport, a supplement of 90 MAD including tax will apply to the reservation.
You must consult us for all deliveries in the regions around Marrakech or in another city of Morocco.
For the return of the vehicle in another city, a supplement will be charged according to the distance of this city from Marrakech. The Tenant must contact us to communicate the supplement.
For any delivery or return of a vehicle after 8 p.m., an additional fee of MAD 300 including tax will be charged to the tenant when the contract is established and / or closed.

The "Territory" designates the country in which the circulation of the rented vehicle is authorized, namely MOROCCO.
In the event of a delay in picking up the vehicle, the reservation will be held up to two hours after the scheduled pick-up time, unless the Tenant contacts the reservation center to change your arrival time. After this two-hour period, the vehicle will be made available to other clients. An arrangement is possible after this period depending on the availability of vehicles from our rental companies.
In the case of the application of a promotional rate, failure to respect the rental period provided for when the vehicle is taken over will systematically result in the invoicing of the full rate in force depending on the period and the make of the vehicle.
The rates applicable to rental, additional services, guarantees or optional insurance are those in force when the contract is signed and correspond to the conditions that the Tenant has exposed (duration, return station, etc.). Any modification of these conditions will result in the application of another rate corresponding to the new conditions.
The vehicle is supplied with a minimum of 3/8 fuel. The Tenant must return it in the same condition. Otherwise the number of liters of missing fuel will be billed.
In accordance with the principle of personality of the penalties of the Kingdom of Morocco, a Tenant responsible for the offenses committed during the duration of the rental. Thus, he is informed that his contact details can be communicated to the police authorities who request them.
Administrative fees of 500 MAD including tax will be retained by the Lessor from the security deposit for the treatment of tickets and fines that may be imposed on the Lessee during his rental period.

A descriptive state of the vehicle is attached to the Tenant's contract, each Tenant is expected to check the condition of the vehicle before signing the contract. Failing this, we are deemed to have delivered a vehicle conforming to the description, unfortunately we will not be able to take into account complaints concerning apparent damage which will not have been reported at the time of departure. The Tenant must return the vehicle in the condition in which he received it. All repair costs, resulting from a fault on the part of the Tenant or in the absence of fault of an identified third party, will be overloaded with the cost of the rental, subject to the stipulations of the section "Optional contractual guarantees".
The Renter is committed to responsible use of the vehicle, in particular without being under the influence of ethyl or narcotic or any substance likely to affect driving in accordance with the provisions of the Moroccan Highway Code and use it in accordance with its destination, which is the transport of people for private vehicles and transport of goods for commercial vehicles.
In the event that the conditions of use of the rented vehicle fall under specific regulations, the Tenant is responsible for complying with these regulations throughout the contract. In addition, any violation of this regulation obliges the Tenant to compensate the Lessor for any damage that the latter may suffer. We draw the Tenant's attention to the dimensions of utility vehicles which require increased attention during certain maneuvers which may make it impossible to cross certain road infrastructures (tunnels, bridges, etc.).
In the event of poor appreciation of the size of the vehicle, the upper body and underbody shocks are not covered by the damage guarantee unless the case of force majeure is proved.
The goods and luggage transported in the vehicle, including their packaging or stowage, must neither damage the vehicle nor create abnormal risks for its occupants.

1. To re-rent it;
2. For the transport of persons against payment;
3. For the transport of a number of people greater than that mentioned on the vehicle registration document;
4. To participate in rallies, competitions or tests, whatever the place and the conditions;
5. To provide driving lessons;
6. To push or pull another vehicle (except vehicles equipped with a hook - maximum load of 1000 kg);
7. For roads which are not suitable for vehicles or where the surface or the state of maintenance presents risks for the tires or the components under the vehicle;
8. To commit an intentional offense.

During the rental and depending on the number of kilometers traveled, the Tenant must carry out the usual checks (engine oil level, water level, tire pressure, etc.), in accordance with responsible use. As such, the Tenant will remain vigilant to any signal emitted by the warning lights appearing on the dashboard of the vehicle, and will take all the necessary precautionary measures, if necessary, such as an emergency stop.
The vehicle is supplied with tires whose condition and number comply with road regulations. In the event of deterioration of one of them for a cause other than normal wear and tear, hidden defect or case of force majeure, Tenant undertakes to replace it immediately and at his expense by a tire of the same size, even type, same make, and equal wear.
In the event of mechanical breakdown or accident, the Tenant benefits from an Assistance Service, included in the rental price. The Tenant must contact our client services directly.

The rental period is calculated in 24-hour increments, which cannot be divided, from the time the vehicle was made available.
The duration maximum of a rental contract is 30 days. The Tenant undertakes to return the vehicle to the Lessor on the date provided for in the rental contract under penalty of being liable to civil and criminal prosecution. 
If a Tenant wishes to renew the contract, must:
• Go with the vehicle in priority to the agency of the Lessor;
• Carry out a check of the vehicle with the Lessor's agent;
• To pay the rent and additional charges when the expired contract is closed and to sign a new contract.
The renewal of a monthly contract is strictly subject to the preceding stipulations. In addition, the Tenant's failure to comply with these stipulations for monthly rentals will automatically make him liable to the Lessor for a conventional penalty of 500 MAD including tax per day of conservation of the vehicle beyond the date of expiry of the contract, in addition to the cost of the rental and without prejudice, for the Lessor, of any civil and / or criminal action which would be open to him on the basis of the non-return of the vehicle.

Only the taking possession of the vehicle, documents and keys by the Lessor's agent, during opening hours (between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.), allows the rental contract to be terminated.
If a Renter is slightly late to return the vehicle, we grant an extension of 59 minutes, after this time, the Renter will have to pay an additional day.
Any vehicle returned outside of opening hours remains the responsibility of the Tenant. The time of return of the vehicle to close the contract and determine the amount of the invoice, will be the time of the next opening of the agency.
In the event that the vehicle is returned without its keys, these will be invoiced to the Tenant as well as, if applicable, the costs of repatriation and immobilization of the vehicle.
The loss of the keys obliging us to change all the locks, the total amount of these costs will be invoiced in full to the Tenant. The replacement of keys following deterioration remains the responsibility of the Tenant. Failure to return the vehicle keys, following the theft, will result in the latter being billed.
The Lessor can in no way be held responsible for goods that have been left in the vehicles at the end of the rental.

In the event of confiscation or sealing of the vehicle, the rental contract may be terminated as soon as the Lessor is informed by the judicial authorities or by the Tenant. Any use of the vehicle which would prejudice the Lessor would authorize the latter to automatically terminate the contract. In the event of theft, the rental contract is terminated upon transmission to the Lessor of the complaint filed by the Tenant with the competent authorities.

In the event of damage or theft, the Tenant must send to the Lessor, within a period not exceeding 2 days, the accident report or the theft declaration receipt provided by the authorities, as well as the keys and papers of the vehicle.
When a Tenant parks the vehicle, even for a short stop, it is imperative to lock the vehicle with keys and to use the alarm and / or anti-theft devices with which the vehicle is equipped. He must never leave the vehicle unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Failure to return the keys will result in the forfeiture of the theft guarantee.

All our vehicles are covered by a "Third Party Liability" policy. The Tenant can also take out optional insurance: driver, persons transported, damage and broken glass.
The conditions and limitations of compulsory or optional insurance, contractual guarantees, as well as those of the assistance contract remain at the request of the Tenant.
Material damage and theft of the vehicle remain the responsibility of the Tenant within the limit of a deductible.

The partial or total elimination of damage franchises is an optional guarantee which allows the Tenant to reduce the amount of the deductible partially, except in the event of theft, attempted theft or vandalism. The amount of the damage deductible will therefore be halved with the partial option and no amount will be paid with the full option*.
This warranty is applicable if the vehicle is used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the rental agreement. The Tenant must request this guarantee from the Lessor at the time of delivery of the vehicle, the latter will give him the price according to the category of the rented vehicle.
*In the event of total waiver of the deductible, an irreducible deposit is however requested to cover loss of vehicle documents, loss of keys, additional day costs or other costs not covered by the total elimination of damage franchise insurance.
Deterioration of tires, rims and punctures, towing costs, deterioration or theft of accessories (rear-view mirror, antenna, flashing light, headlight), damage caused by water (rain, sea) following negligence, interior damage, damage caused under the vehicle and due to improper use of the vehicle, damage caused off an asphalt road, and more generally all damage due to use that does not comply with manufacturers' standards remain the responsibility of the Tenant even if an excess reduction insurance has been taken out.
Material damage to the vehicle is only covered in the event of an accident with an identified third party and upon production of an accident report within 24 hours. The theft or damage to the vehicle must also be declared to the police (police or gendarmerie). The absence of these documents implies full payment of the damage by the Tenant.

Drivers not named in the rental contract, and for which the Renter remains responsible, cannot claim the benefit of cover for damage or theft of the vehicle. Failure to comply with any of the obligations expressly stipulated in these conditions will result in the forfeiture of the contractual guarantees taken out. The Tenant will then be responsible for the totality of the loss under the conditions of general liability law.
All of these protections can only be exercised in the Territory, for the duration of the rental contract and subject to compliance with the stipulations relating to age and possession of a driving license, to the authorized use of the vehicle and the return of the vehicle under these presents conditions.

Vehicle rental is generally subject to the same conditions of modifications and cancellations of MY MARRAKECH TOURS except in the following cases.
In the event of cancellation within 7 days of the date of the service or no-presentation (no-show), MY MARRAKECH TOURS will however retain as compensation 30% of the amount of the prepaid reservation, in compensation for the immobilization of the vehicle supported by the Lessor and the costs incurred related to the constitution of the reservation file.
In the event that the Tenant had made a prepayment of more than 30%, the account adjustment will be made and then a refund will be made immediately. For some countries a refund transaction fee may apply.
To modify or cancel a reservation, log into your client account then go to the “Orders” section in your client account, you can then apply the modification to the product in question or cancel it.

The Tenants are jointly responsible for the payment of the cost of the rental. The estimated cost of rental and services is payable in advance. It includes: the rental price calculated according to the rates in force when the contract is signed, any fees or cost of additional options contracted by the Tenant, the various contributions relating to guarantees or additional insurance taken out to which is added the security deposit if exists, as well as fuel service valuation.
For any payment made by means of a bank card, the Tenant / main driver must be the holder. However, for the amount of the security deposit, only an authorization will be requested at the start of the rental. On return, the amount of any balance on the invoice will be automatically debited from the account corresponding to the card presented unless the Tenant presents another means of payment accepted by the Lessor, subject to the application of the stipulations of the article below relating to prepayment. The Tenant now accepts the debit from this same account for the amount of the non-redeemable franchise and any other costs which would be directly or indirectly related to the vehicle, its rental or the use made of it by the Tenant (fuel, repairs, tickets and fines...).

If the payment deadline materialized on the invoice by the due date is exceeded, the Tenant will be liable for a late payment penalty on the sum equal to 3 times the legal rate in force. However, he expressly accepts that:
• Failure to pay or any unpaid debts results in the forfeiture of the term for unmatured invoices and the termination of the contract as of right.
• The Lessor demands the immediate return of vehicles being hired.

The amount of the security deposit depends on the one hand on the category of the rented vehicle and on the other hand on the additional guarantees taken out. It is intended to cover the damage suffered by the Lessor due to damage or theft of the vehicle. The amount will be indicated to the Tenant when picking up the vehicle and will be mentioned on his contract.
If the Tenant has not taken out a contractual guarantee (theft and / or damage) the security deposit will be equal to the amount of the Tenants liability ceiling, this amount differs according to the category of the vehicle and will be communicated to the Tenant at the time of pick up of the vehicle or before under a written request sent by e-mail to our reservation service.
If the Tenant has taken out a contractual damage and theft guarantee, only a deposit will be claimed equal to the amount of the non-redeemable franchise remaining payable by the Tenant in the event of damage or theft. The deposit may be limited or excluded depending on additional optional contractual guarantees which reduce or eliminate the non-redeemable deductible.
The security deposit will be acquired from the Lessor in the event of damage attributable to the Tenant or in the absence of fault of an identified third party and in the event of theft of the vehicle (except to apply the contractual guarantees set out above) and this to height of the damage suffered.
In the absence of damage and / or theft and any other costs which would be directly or indirectly related to the vehicle, its rental or the use made of it by the Tenant (fuel, repairs, fines and fines, tires...), the amount of the blocked deposit will be released at the end of the rental, subject to the collection period.

In case of prepayment of the rental, the following provisions apply:
1- The price subject to early payment cannot be discounted, nor can it be combined with another promotional offer.
2- The price excludes all additional costs which are not expressly mentioned as included in the booking confirmation with advance payment as well as any additional optional services remain the responsibility of the Tenant.
3- A valid credit card must be presented to the Lessor's agent when picking up the vehicle in order to cover in advance any additional supplements that are not included in the advance payment. A bank authorization by this card is required at the start of the rental, the amount of any supplements attached to the rental being debited only upon return of the vehicle.
4- A non-redeemable deductible may be applied if the vehicle is stolen or damaged for any reason, even if accident and / or theft coverage has been purchased or is included in the rental fee.

No provision of these general conditions is likely to affect the legal provisions protecting the consumer or to exclude or limit any liability in the event of death or injury arising from the negligence or fraudulent maneuvers of the Lessor. The Lessee expressly acknowledges and agrees that the Lessor, its executives and its employees cannot be held responsible for consequential damages such as loss of turnover, clients, data and any other immaterial loss (including in the hypothesis where the Lessor would have been informed of such a risk), resulting from the reservation and the prepayment.

Jurisdiction is given to the courts of the place where the vehicle rental service is carried out, that is to say the place where the vehicle made available for rental is located. Any dispute between merchant arising from this contract and which could not have resulted in an amicable agreement will, insofar as the law allows, the jurisdiction of the Court on which depends the Headquarters of the Lessor.

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